Deven, my niece

I feel very lucky to have my son, Seth.  Through all the ups and downs we’ve been through, he’ll always be my little boy, and I had no other children.  I am grateful to have my niece in my life.  She’s just recently turned 23, and has already been through some very intense stuff over that’s few years.  The biggest life event was finding out her mom, my only sister was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and passed away in 2010.  She certainly hasn’t wallowed in any “poor me, I’m a victim”  behaviors.  She has since gotten married, continued her education, landed great jobs, and is due with her first child, Reid 👪 in May.  The night I attempted to take my life, sadly, she was there and had to experience a very dark time in my life, as well as keep my secret.  Laying in the ER that night seeing the sadness in Doug’s face, she was out in the car, alone.  They wouldn’t let her come in to be with me, and was sworn to secrecy by Doug to protect me.  She dutifully held the secret, and loved me through it.  Although it was a horrible life event, it has made our bond even stronger.  🔗

I am very happy that my overdose didn’t end my life that night.  The last three years have been difficult, but I’ve had the pleasure of walking Deven down the aisle along with her dad when she married Jeremy in June 2012, and now Doug and I are going to be grandparents to heir son Reid when we finally get to meet him in May. 
I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful young lady, and mommy to be in my life, and even more fortunate she’s my family too.   Those things don’t always go together!!
I love you with all my heart Deven❤️
Love, Auntie


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