Another thread, another connection

Since coming to Hawaii my son has not ventured out much. We always ask him to go with us, whether it is a hike, paddle boarding, or a cookout somewhere. When we made plans with a family member in Waikiki for the 4th of July festivities, he was invited and actually accepted; I think the idea of sushi for dinner sealed the deal, but I’m cool with that!

We had made it down to Waikiki and Seth said that he needed to make a call as we were heading into a parking garage. I warned him going in that he may loose the call or not be able to hear. What I heard next broke my heart.

Seth had a good friend in High School, Kevin and through the years they have kept in touch off an on. Seth has wanted to move out of our house, and out of Hawaii. This has not been a place he has embraced. When I was in California for my grandsons birth in May and June he thought he might be able to move to Roseburg, OR. I have family there, and in the surrounding Oregon area, so I was completely on board with the plan! It didn’t work out, so he set his sights on moving back to what I consider home, Texas. He contacted Kevin and for once he didn’t hear back from him. He mentioned to me a few times that he hadn’t replied back yet. I found that odd, but a young guy in his 20’s maybe he was busy with work or school, or both.

On the 4th, he made contact with another close friend Janelle and she is the one who told Seth he needed to call, it would be easier. That is when she let Seth know that Kevin had taken his life a month prior. I was saddened for my son’s loss of a friend, thoughts of his family and friends and how they must be hurting.

Since overdosing on sleeping pills 3+ years ago, and finally starting to come to terms with the intentional overdose, speaking out about it, and working on forgiving myself I had to step out of the role I’ve know, attempt survivor. I have to find a way to comfort my son as he struggles to understand the loss of a good friend.

Kevin was a funny, energetic kid and he and Seth enjoyed working in yearbook together. When Seth was struggling with falling into the “weed smoking crowd” it was Kevin who discouraged the behavior. It was Kevin who didn’t want to see Seth go down that road and tried to convince him to stop.

I am sure Kevin is missed by many family and friends. May you rest in peace Kevin.



Kevin and Seth in High School yearbook

Kevin and Seth in High School yearbook


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