I am not afraid!

When I started this journey to find myself after my suicide attempt it was two sided, mental and physical.  I knew working on my mental state would help me to get my physical state back in line. 

I am a runner, I love it because it is my alone time, I feel free to think and digest what has been happening in my life, or what is coming up. I lost a lot of that after my overdose in March 2011. I didn’t want to run, I didn’t want to think or come to terms with where I was, mentally or physically. It was too raw and painful to think about, let alone speak about. When I  finally opened up about my overdose, and I wanted to work on myself all around.

I started doing ShaunT Focus T25, and I began to feel like Old Melanie. After that I did my first round of P90X3 classic, and started with P90X3 Lean right once the Classic cycle was complete.  In block 2 of this round of P90X3, I started PIYO with Chalean.  These programs have helped me get back into shape, and feel good about myself. Not just because I lost the weight I had gained, not just because I am getting muscle definition again. They have helped me because I made a commitment and I stuck to it. For someone that didn’t know if she could keep on living four years ago, I’ll call that a huge victory.  

I am proud of where I am, and how I have got there, and I am grateful to the small posse that has encouraged and supported me in this endeavor. Not to mention BeachBody and the wonderful array of fitness programs in their library. I’d recommend you check them out and add a few to your arsenal if you haven’t already.

Team Beach Body

Each day is a new one, and my body now makes the statement in more ways than one that       “I am not afraid to keep on living” 

I am not afraid to keep on living

I added the AFSP life preserver because this amazing organization and the people that I have met as a result have helped me along the way!  You can also support me in my upcoming walk at Ala Moana Beach park on 13 September 2014.  Hawaii is the 67th Chapter to join the AFSP! I feel honored to have been a part of the committee to help put the walk together last year, and this year as well.  

In closing, the link below will take you to my team page, Team ROAR if you would like to donate to one or all three members of my team, who by the way are my husband and son! Two big ole cheerleaders in Team “Keep on living”. ALOHA Hawaii

Click to make a donation to Team ROAR

The link will open up a page to show all three members of my team, and you can donate to one or all of us. I would love to see Seth and Doug reach their fundraising goals, as I already have. 



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