My “Thank You” letter to Tony Horton

We had bought tickets in April to workout and meet with Tony Horton when he came here to Hawaii and today WAS THAT DAY! We received information that they would present Tony with a scrapbook of “Thank You” letters from the participants, and to write something and bring with us today.

Tony speaking on the his book, The Big Picture

Tony speaking on the his book, The Big Picture

Below you will see the letter we shared with Tony today.

Aloha Tony

Please let me take a moment to share how BeachBody has changed our lives.

In March 2011, while my husband Doug was stationed at Ft Hood, and after years of fighting depression and suicidal thoughts, I gave into my pain and ingested approximately 70-80 sleeping pills. At the time I couldn’t understand why God saw fit to keep me here, but He had reasons I would learn later. Afterwards I was so ashamed and beat myself up for the pain I had caused my husband and son. I stopped working out, spent more time drinking, that only caused me to gain weight and remain depressed.

We moved to Hawaii in July 2012 and in April of 2013 I met my friend Kerry who had lost her step son to suicide. I didn’t know how meeting her would change my course. She started an Out of the Darkness Walk in his honor last year. Doug and I were on the committee but I was struggling terribly when we started, I was surrounded by others who had lost someone they love to suicide. I sat next to my husband knowing could have been any one of them, but he wasn’t, that guilt weighed heavily on me.

After the first meeting, I told Kerry I was an attempt survivor, and she told me anytime I wanted or needed to share, she would be there to listen. When I finally shared the details of that night, I felt an albatross was lifted from my heart. This is where I began to make the mental shift to live again and to start forgiving myself.

Around the time of the walk last year, we ordered T25. After completion we ordered P90X3, but we were apprehensive! We had seen infomercials and didn’t know if we’re were capable. Maybe I cannot do pull-ups without the assist band, or a donkey kick as good as Doug, but damn we did it and we are capable! We completed P90X3 classic and then I started lean. After Block 1 of lean, I started PiYo, while Doug continued P90X3. We are currently doing Les Mills Combat, but I still put in my P90X3 and PiYo. Each program we get stronger, mentally and physically. We workout together when we can and we grow closer as a couple. He has stood by my side throughout it all.

One thing we try to do in each workout is smile, it changes how we feel about, it keeps the mood positive. In doing P90X3, we didn’t have to think about it because you are so very amusing, you kept us laughing. Thank you for being in our family room for months, encouraging and inspiring us through the TV. I have changed so much in the last 10 months, last year at the walk I was a hot mess, this year I was the guest speaker.

You can view my speech for the OOTD walk at


Douglas & Melanie Gibson

Fran presented the scrapbook of thank you's to Tony after the seminar and workout.

Fran presented the scrapbook of thank you’s to Tony after the seminar and workout.













I will share the entire experience with you guys at another time, as well as pictures we had with Tony.  For now, its 1621 and we just ate dinner and we are whooped!




4 thoughts on “My “Thank You” letter to Tony Horton

    • Solnishka says:

      Thanks Shawna! It was such an amazing day, what Tony shared spoke to me so much. I have lots of notes, but Doug has a stress test at the hospital tomorrow so I will compile my thoughts and blog all about it!


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