My Beach Body Bio & Proof the Products WORK!!

My Beach Body journey started in November of 2013, and man did I need it!

In March of 2011 after suffering depression and suicidal thoughts for sometime, I attempted to take my own life. Before I had been a runner, and kept myself in good shape. I took for granted what the daily physical activity did for my mental state as well. After I was home from the hospital I was still depressed and I stopped exercising all together.

We moved to Hawaii in July 2012 and I put on a bathing suit for the first time in about 2 years and I was unhappy with how I looked, I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten.



The first program I started with was T25. I loved this program because the workouts were fun, fast paced and I felt stronger each week. I did the entire alpha through gamma series and by the end I was stronger, mentally and physically.

During this time I participated in my first Out of the Darkness walk, and that was a pivotal moment in my life as well.

The next program I chose was P90X3, and to be honest this scared me! I had seen the infomercials on the P90X workouts and I wasn’t sure I could complete this workout. Well, I did! Not only did I do P90X3 once, but I followed up classic with lean!

It was at time that I saw Tony Horton was coming to Honolulu, where we currently live all thanks to the US Army. I bought VIP tickets, I wanted my picture with him, and an autographed book. At the time I bought the tickets, I had no idea how much that day would change my life!

When I at the end of Block 1 lean, I started PiYo and did the last two blocks of P90X3 lean with the full round of PiYo. I will say this, if you buy PiYo, get the power slides, seriously those workouts are amazing! I feel like a stronger runner, I feel like my core is stronger, overall I highly recommend PiYo!

As I was almost finished up with PiYo, I really wanted to see what the 3 day refresh could do for me. This was my first experience with shakeology. Honestly, for me it was a cost factor. I lost 3.8 pounds and I have kept it off. More than that for me, I still had to cook for my husband so I had to learn to not taste what I was cooking for the three days. It is a month later and I am so much more careful about whatever I put taste when I cook, or even prepare food. It was a body and mind shift for me! I highly recommend it for anyone who needs that reset!

I am currently on Les Mills Combat, and I have zero martial arts experience and I can do these routines and keep up! They are fun, fast paced calorie burners!



Well, the big day arrived and I met Tony Horton, and he spoke on his 11 laws and it was a game changer. I really enjoyed hearing him speak, I loved the P90 workout, which I recently bought to start after I am done with Les Mills Combat.

I also had the change to meet Traci Morrow and share a little of my journey with her. I had thought of being a coach for a bit, I know I have a story that others can relate to and can help someone who has been in my shoes, or is currently walking in them.

I am also excited that I made the decision to order shakeology with my P90 Challenge pack. I already feel better in just two weeks!

I have signed up under her, and I am excited about this next journey in my BeachBody chapter!

Contact me if you are looking for a coach! I would love to help you on your journey!





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