I’m currently doing Les Mills Combat through BeachBody, and I have to say for a non-martial artist type, I LOVE IT!  I am learning to punch and kick my way through 30-60 minutes a day.

In one of the workouts Dan, a trainer speaks about how it is easier to workout with a group of people versus working out on your own.  He says it takes bravery to work-out alone at home.

Considering I am in week 7, I have heard him say this quite a few times, and it took me a while to digest what that really means to me.  What I realized is I DON’T workout alone in my home. I may be the only one in front of the TV, but I have a support team I’m accountable to each day.

What is accountability?

Definition of ACCOUNTABILITY:  the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

First Known Use of ACCOUNTABILITY:  1770 – Merriam Webster online

For 244 years we have spoken of being accountable to something or someone.

When I started this journey in November 2013,  I was fortunate enough to be in a challenge group of others wanting to get fit. We supported one another, we shared parts of our lives, and those posts reminded me I was on the hook to post my workouts too.

I believe that being accountable goes hand in hand with being honest.  When I was so depressed I hid behind a mask, I wasn’t honest or accountable to anyone, not even myself.  I know that the first time I fully shared how sad, dark and depressed I was happened after I overdosed. I finally got real with my therapist, it wasn’t skimming the surface and sharing a few little issues anymore. I had to get raw and get real to work though through what I had done and what I was feeling.

I work hard to be honest about how I am feeling now, when I ‘m down I have a core group of people I can share with and they will support and love me through it.

Life is an ebb and flow of good and bad, and I can say with certainty I have more good than bad days now. Every day I learn how to better handle the bad ones, if and when they occur.

I found in being accountable I was able to change, mentally and physically.  When I started this process to get my body back I didn’t realize how much of my joy and spirit I would regain . ❤



When I look back at these pictures,  I am so proud of how far I have come both mentally and physically.  The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it!  

 As Montgomery-Gentry says “Now that’s something to be proud of, a life you can hang your hat on!”




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