Put me in “Coach”


So we had been excited for months knowing we had tickets to meet and greet with Tony Horton in September 2014; workout with him, get a picture and autographed book.  Seriously excited!

So to explain it all, I will go back in time about 10 months.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I am a suicide attempt survivor. Coming back from that was no easy feat. When I thought I had made improvement, I would fall a couple of steps backwards.  I had good days and bad weeks!

When decided to take on Tony Horton, I honestly did not think I could do a P90 anything, and I was honestly a little afraid that I couldn’t keep up. When we initially started the program I saw on his Facebook page that he was coming to Hawaii and I knew I had to attend. We bought the tickets in March and have been looking forward to it for months!

So the big day finally arrives and we are en route downtown Super Sunday with Tony Horton and I am trying to contain my excitement.  Two days prior I saw Traci Morrow post on coming to Hawaii and I was really hoping I could meet her as well.  When I asked her on her Instagram account if she was in fact coming, she replied to me that she would be in Honolulu and I was stoked!  It’s the small things … Anyway, on our way down I told Doug I was certain we would be hit up about coaching, are we coaches, etc. He seemed surprised by this, but considering the event was hosted by a coach, it seemed to make sense to me.

We get signed in with our VIP bands, and get front row seats.  As 0900 draws closer you can hear the buzz of “oh he’s here, theres Tony” I scanned the room and there he was, in the flesh, not in my TV!  WHAT??!! I scanned a little more until I saw Traci, and man how I wanted to go up and talk to her. She was surrounded by people.  I was just anxious for the event to get started.

I had wanted to purchase and read the book before hand, but an autographed book was part of the VIP package.  Tony spoke on his 11 laws, and at the very least it was amazing.  First of all, he is funnier in person than on his fitness DVD’s. This guy cracks us up, we still go around quoting some of his one liners from P90X3. He’s just funny! But he is not just funny, he is real.  It’s like he said, he puts his pants on like the rest of us, two legs at a time with a backflip! The seminar was more than I bargained for.  I found myself very emotional during part of it when he spoke about having bad days and pretending to be something or someone he wasn’t. Speaking of suicidal thoughts… There are moments like this in life when you hear someone who you just imagine always had it together speak of harder times, of putting on a front. Then a lightbulb goes off in your head to say, I can turn my tragedy into triumph!

I am sharing a part of my struggle with Traci

I am sharing a part of my struggle with Traci

Once the seminar was over it was time to workout.  This guy tells us it would be 35 minutes of the new P90  workout and it ended up being over an hour, but one of the best hours I have had working out, the energy in the room was awesome!  He walked around, teased and encouraged people.  It was pretty cook to see Traci and his now fiancé Shawna in my peripheral vision too.

We stood in line for pictures and the copy of his book The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life.  I went before Doug, but Tony was kind enough to let us have one with both of us to hang in Doug’s office when he takes command next Fall at Fort Bragg.

I’m looking at some other people talking to Traci and I am trying to get the courage to talk to her, and Doug just told me “just go for it”. So I waited until the other person was done and jumped in there. I told her how excited I was to meet her, and she went to read the tattoo on my left shoulder that reads “I am now who I was meant to be”. Next thing you know, I blurt out that I am a suicide attempt survivor.  Now days, I am not afraid to share this with people, but I tend to ease into the topic. I explained to her that yes, I had made an attempt, I was finally able to speak out about it, and I know God kept me alive for a reason. I thought my purpose was only to share with suicide programs, mental health, etc. She asked if I was religious and I explained I grew up in a Baptist home. She told me he thoughts on suicide and Christianity is that the devil knows God has us designed for greater things, and he doesn’t want to see us fulfill what God has planned.  Wow, I’ve never heard it put like that!

We talked about coaching, and I explained to her my experience with a coach has not been positive.  Although I’ve been on Traci’s page several times with the arrow hovering over “join my team”, but I honestly thought this kind of team is for the major players, not someone like me.  I have no experience in this sort of thing and what would she want with me.  She told me to go home, talk to Doug, pray on it and make a decision.

The next day Doug had a stress test at Tripler AMC and I spent the better part of the morning in a waiting room while he underwent the testing. I dove into Tonys book, making notes and contemplating the points he talks on in the book. Well I did think about it, talk to Doug and pray about it. While waiting for Doug, I decided that yes I do want to be a coach, I want to help other people reach goals, inspire people with my struggle and story.  I know I am not alone in being depressed, combating suicidal thoughts and being at an all time low.  I do know that I am in a much happier place. I know that getting my exercise back into my daily activities has helped me mentally.

Now that I am a coach, I will learn from someone who I think is amazing, and the other people on the team.

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