Fire Away


Several months ago this video was posted on Facebook by a friend who lost her brother to suicide, and I planned to write on it then…. and since we have been at our current duty station I have been absent from my blog.  My apologies on that, and I vow to be more present!

After leaving a meeting with a fellow spouse yesterday who I had just shared my suicide attempt story with I heard this song on the way home.  It was interesting to listen to the song without the video, I did not get the same perspective.  I had already seen it so my takeaway is what the video portrays.  As heartbreaking as it is, I love appreciate the voice it gives to mental health issues and suicide.

My take away from listening and not seeing the video was simple…

It takes an amazing man to not only stand up next to me, but to continue to love and support me. Our love has grown deeper and he has stood by me and not let my suicide attempt break us apart. To Doug, my amazing husband and best friend thank you for always standing tall by my side and for all the times you held me up when I couldn’t stand alone. 

I love you today, tomorrow and forever

**Warning this video contains content that may be difficult for some viewers.**

If you need someone to talk to please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and you will be connected to a skilled, trained counselor in your area 24/7. No matter what problems you are dealing with I want you to find a reason to keep on living.


3 thoughts on “Fire Away

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh wow…that song/video…so moving…

    And your post is beautiful. I hope I find someone who loves me like that one day…

    Thanks for sharing!


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