Who am I

My name is Melanie, I’m an Army wife, a mom, a prior service soldier, and I’m a suicide attempt survivor.cropped-img_1139.jpg

Im March of 2011, I attempted to end my own life by intentionally overdosing on sleeping pills. There were many events in the preceding years that led to my choice that night and ‘m finally ready  to share my story, my struggles and most importantly my victories.

Some of the darkest days happened after the overdose, I was sad, ashamed and embarrassed of what I had done. It took allowing others into my life again to overcome the social shame and stigma associated with this illness.The most important thing is what I am doing about it today! It is not just about what I am taking away from what I did, but who I have met in the process, who I have allowed into my life to help me, and how those circumstances have forever changed me today.

In meeting my friend Kerry, I’ve become involved with the AFSP and their Out of the Darkness (OOTD) community walks. I look forward to helping make this years walk as significant for others as it was for me last year.  It changed my life.

Make a Donation!

Although I attempted suicide, it is only a small part of what I’ve done in my life, it’s not who I am. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!




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